Ethiopia Coffee Exporter

Ethiopia Coffee Exporter

“Serving Coffee to the World”



Quality Beans

At Wonberta we specialize in sourcing the finest Ethiopian coffee, our beans are carefully selected red ripe cherries for their unique flavors and aroma.



Wonberta’s commitment to traceability ensures transparency throughout the supply chain, allowing customers to trace the journey of their coffee beans.creativewebet


Expert Processing

Wonberta’s state-of-the-art processing techniques ensure that each batch of coffee maintains its distinct characteristics.


nurturing excellence
in coffee production and export Ethiopia Coffee Exporter

Ethiopia Coffee Exporter

Wonberta is engaged in the supply of quality washed and unwashed coffee to international market mainly from it’s washing and drying station located in Oromia and Southern Ethiopia Region.

Ethiopia Coffee Exporter

Ethiopian finest green coffee beansEthiopia Coffee Exporter

Ethiopia Coffee Exporter


Located in the heart of Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe is a esteemed locale celebrated for cultivating some of the world’s most exceptional coffees. With elevated altitudes, fertile soil, and an ideal climate, the region gives rise to coffee beans known for their bright acidity and smooth taste. The enchanting aroma of Yirgacheffe coffee is sweet and floral, while its flavor profile boasts hints of lemon, fruity notes...


Savor the richness of our exceptional Guji coffee, sourced from Ethiopia’s highlands. The renowned Guji region, nestled among mountains, yields unparalleled coffee beans celebrated globally. With a unique terroir and elevated altitudes, Guji’s plantations create a distinctive flavor profile featuring floral and fruity notes. Experience the smooth mouthfeel and citric acidity in each cup, accompanied ...

What make Wonberta Unique Ethiopia Coffee Exporter

Ethiopia Coffee Exporter

Wonberta Coffee Export Company, your premier choice for exceptional coffee experiences. Here’s why choosing us sets you on a journey of unparalleled quality and reliability:Best Coffee Exporter Company in Ethiopia

Integrated Processing Facilities

Owning multiple washing stations and dry mills, along with an export facility, Wonberta excels in a comprehensive and diversified approach to coffee processing, ensuring quality control and efficiency.

Decades of Expertise

With roots dating back to 1996, Wonberta’s 25+ years of experience in the coffee industry showcases our deep understanding and reliability, making us a seasoned and influential player in Ethiopia’s coffee trade.

Quality and Sustainability

Wonberta stands out as an industry leader, driven by a passion for excellence and sustainability. Our commitment to raising standards shapes the coffee business, contributing significantly to Ethiopia’s trade landscape with a focus on continual improvement and innovation.

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