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Located in the heart of Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe is an esteemed locale celebrated for cultivating some of the world’s most exceptional coffees. With elevated altitudes, fertile soil, and an ideal climate, the region gives rise to coffee beans known for their bright acidity and smooth taste. The enchanting aroma of Yirgacheffe coffee is sweet and floral, while its flavor profile boasts hints of lemon, fruity notes, and a touch of tea—captivating coffee enthusiasts worldwide.


Savor the richness of our exceptional Guji coffee, sourced from Ethiopia’s highlands. The renowned Guji region, nestled among mountains, yields unparalleled coffee beans celebrated globally. With a unique terroir and elevated altitudes, Guji’s plantations create a distinctive flavor profile featuring floral and fruity notes. Experience the smooth mouthfeel and citric acidity in each cup, accompanied by the sweet aroma of peach and chocolate. Indulge in the fine flavor of dark chocolate and nectarine, as this coffee takes you on a journey of exquisite taste.


Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Ethiopia, Sidamo stands as a regional treasure, shaping the rich mosaic of global coffee. Blessed with elevated altitudes, fertile soils, and an optimal climate, Sidamo consistently produces coffee beans of exceptional quality and unparalleled flavor. Enjoy the spicy, fine acidity, and medium body in each cup, complemented by a floral and citrus aroma that adds to the sensory experience. Immerse yourself in the delightful flavor notes of lemon and berries, as Sidamo’s coffee beans showcase the essence of this remarkable Ethiopian region.


Discover the uniqueness of our Limu coffee, sourced from the lush highlands of Limu, Ethiopia. Carefully selected Arabica beans capture the essence of its origin, offering an indulgent, full-bodied taste with a harmonious balance of medium body and acidity, complemented by nuanced flavors. Immerse yourself in the enticing aroma of floral and stone-fruit notes, while the flavor profile unfolds with a delightful combination of spicy, sweet, and winy undertones. Limu coffee invites you to savor a distinctive and flavorful experience, embodying the essence of its Ethiopian heritage.


Djimmah coffee, originating from the very birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, is esteemed for its distinctive character. Cultivated in the fertile soils of the Djimmah region, this coffee benefits from the optimal climate and soil conditions unique to the area. The outcome is a cup of coffee that not only embodies the rich heritage of Ethiopian coffee but also captures the attention and appreciation of discerning enthusiasts around the globe. Delight in the full and heavy-bodied texture with balanced acidity, complemented by a nutty aroma. The flavor profile unfolds with a delightful combination of chocolaty notes and a winy aftertaste, creating a memorable and robust coffee experience.


Lekempti coffee thrives in the fertile landscapes of Ethiopia, a nation celebrated for its enduring coffee heritage spanning centuries. The distinctive terroir of the Lekempti region plays a pivotal role in shaping the unique qualities that distinguish this coffee. Enjoy the cupping notes of good body and acidity, complemented by a delightful aroma of honey and floral notes. The flavor profile unfolds with a distinctive fruity, perfume-like aftertaste, inviting you to savor the essence of Lekempti’s exceptional coffee in every sip.

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