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Unleashing the Power of Natural Coffee

In the heart of Oromia Guji, our coffee adventure takes a bold and flavorful twist with the Genet coffee processing station, located in Dimtu Hanbella. Here, we are proud to present an exceptional line of natural coffee that captivates the senses.
Our partnership with hundreds of dedicated smallholder farmers is at the core of Genet’s success. They carefully harvest coffee beans at an altitude of 2,100 meters, harnessing the unique essence of this picturesque region.
Genet stands as a testament to the unadulterated power of natural coffee. The beans are lovingly dried with their fruit intact, infusing each cup with a bold, wild, and untamed character that’s simply irresistible.
We invite you to experience the untamed beauty of Oromia Guji through every sip of Genet coffee. This is more than just coffee; it’s a journey into the heart of Ethiopia’s coffee heritage, where the land and its people unite to create a coffee like no other.